Private channels

Finding Teams private channels

Just a quick note. If you are looking for all private channels created in Teams, you can use the following line of PowerShell: If you are just looking for the amount of private channels (to see if it is actively growing), use: I also wrote a PowerShell module to let you easily & securely connect Read more about Finding Teams private channels[…]

The mysterious case of Get-SPOSite

Background Sometimes you run into weird issues when you are doing the most common things. In this case, my colleague Marc Molenaar was cleaning up our demo Office 365 tenant. To make an overview of all site collections, he ran the following cmdlet: This would make a list of all site collections that are available in Read more about The mysterious case of Get-SPOSite[…]


Azure PowerShell – Get basic VM configuration

Summary: This blog post describes an easy way to get basic Azure VM configuration with Azure PowerShell As an IT-Pro, I love using PowerShell to get easy access to information, without needing to click through interfaces. This is getting more important every day as the User Interface (especially for Azure and Office 365) have been changing Read more about Azure PowerShell – Get basic VM configuration[…]

SharePoint Online Management PowerShell module

Summary: This blog post describes why you do not need the SharePoint Online Management Shell anymore! If you worked with PowerShell for SharePoint Online in the last year, you had to download a new PowerShell console from: On the 31st of August 2018 Microsoft released a new* PowerShell module to the PowerShell gallery: Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell. This Read more about SharePoint Online Management PowerShell module[…]

Office 365 Connect

PowerShell – Easy & secure connection to Office 365

Introduction Are you tired of remembering all those cmdlets to connect to Exchange Online, SharePoint Online. So many different cmdlets for the different services. With this PowerShell module you don’t need to remember anything (not even your password!) I published my first PowerShell module to the PowerShell Gallery: The module contains 2 cmdlets that you Read more about PowerShell – Easy & secure connection to Office 365[…]

People picker settings for all Web Applications one-liner

Summary: This PowerShell one-liner will show the people picker settings for each Web Application, including Central Administration. If you want to know the settings for the people picker in your SharePoint farm, you can run the following line of PowerShell. It will retrieve all Web Applications and show the people picker settings for each one. Running Read more about People picker settings for all Web Applications one-liner[…]

SharePoint Related

Change site collection URL in SharePoint 2013

Summary: This post describes the different ways to change the site collection URL in SharePoint 2013. So, your manager/the business asks you to create a few site collections for some departments in your organization. You quickly spin up some site collections for them to use. After a few weeks, the business decides (of course) SharePoint is Read more about Change site collection URL in SharePoint 2013[…]

Download content from a site collection

I’ve been working on a script that will allow you to download all files that are stored in SharePoint in a given site collection. If the path does not exist, the script will prompt you to create it for you. Before the script runs, it also checks if the site collection exists. Run the script Read more about Download content from a site collection[…]

Add-PSSnapIn Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell shortcut

Are you tired of typing Add-PSSnapIn Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell every time you open your PowerShell console? You can do this by Adding/Editing profile.ps1 (I don’t do this because I have too many machines where I should change this) If you find you do not want to change the profile.ps1 on every server you are working on, you can Read more about Add-PSSnapIn Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell shortcut[…]

Restore deleted site collections SharePoint 2013

In SharePoint 2013 it is possible to restore a deleted site collection. For more information, read this article: You can use the Restore-SPDeletedSite cmdlet to restore a site collection. However, if you removed the site collection using the Remove-SPSite cmdlet using PowerShell, the site collection will not be stored in a SPDeletedSite object. This Read more about Restore deleted site collections SharePoint 2013[…]