Change site collection administrators using PowerShell

In a minute, I will show you how to change the site collection administrators for all site collections using PowerShell. Thanks to Maarten Peeters for helping! But first, it may be easy to get a result for all the current site collection administators, in case you want to roll back: Now if you want to Read more about Change site collection administrators using PowerShell[…]

Update Secure Store Service Application using PowerShell

This post describes how you can update the Secure Store Service Application using PowerShell. You can use the following script to update information for one of your Secure Store Applications. I want to change the Contact E-mail property for this Secure Store Application to “” Used Configuration For this part, I have set up the Read more about Update Secure Store Service Application using PowerShell[…]

Content Database FAQ

This post describes the most frequently asked questions on a content database in SharePoint. Since there is a lot of misconception on how different SharePoint components relate to each other, I will try to answer some common questions. Please feel free to comment or ask additional questions in the comment section. I will add them Read more about Content Database FAQ[…]

Error using Move-SPSite cmdlet

This post discusses an error using the Move-SPSite cmdlet. Let’s say you have 1 Web Application with 2 content databases: – Database 1 – Database 2 Database 1 contains a site collection with the following URL: For some reason, you moved the site collection using the following cmdlet: So far so good. Now let’s Read more about Error using Move-SPSite cmdlet[…]

Current cache accounts PowerShell oneliner

This oneliner will show you the currently configured cache accounts for each of your Web Applications. Just paste this line of code in your SharePoint Management Shell: This is the output for the above command in my test environment: In my case, I have not properly configured the super user accounts for all my Web Read more about Current cache accounts PowerShell oneliner[…]

Add/Edit list items using PowerShell in SharePoint 2010

During the last few months I have been asked a few times to help think of a way to edit list values for lists that contain a lot of data. I immediately thought of PowerShell. This is why I want to show you what you can do with PowerShell. Used set up for this demo Read more about Add/Edit list items using PowerShell in SharePoint 2010[…]

Get Site Collections per Content Database oneliner

This will be a very short post, as it contains only 1 line of PowerShell code, and is not very hard to understand. It shows you all content databases, and for each of the content databases, it will show you the site collections within this content database. That wasn’t so bad right? Just copy and Read more about Get Site Collections per Content Database oneliner[…]