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Every 6 months, Portiva organizes a community event: Sharing & Sushi. During this event, both Portiva employees and people from the community deliver 4 short 20 minute sessions on a subject related to SharePoint, Office 365 or Azure. Just like big conferences, we like to put in a session for each role: Business, IT-Pro, Functional and development. I love the dedication that the Microsoft community has to attend these types of events, to share knowledge and connect with like-minded people. Over 60 people took the time to attend!

The program for this weeks Sharing & Sushi was drawn on a blackboard and I think it looks awesome:

SharingSushi program
Drawing by: Simone

Since this is an after-work event, people need to eat. Sushi is delivered (and pizza) and there’s some time to chat. After Maarten shortly introduces the speakers and the agenda for the day, the sessions start. This is what was covered:

Digital Transformation – Bram Slits, Thomas Schrader

During this session, Bram and Thomas covered why the culture change in organizations is so important if you want a successful digital transformation. The session was interactive and had a great showcase: Microsoft. As everyone in the audience is closely aligned with Microsoft (hopefully), it helps understand how digital transformation can be achieved more easily.

Approval Flow, next level – Rik de Koning

The second session was about the “classic approval flow”, but taken to the next level. With a great in-depth demo we were taken to the world of the Approval flow. By including column formatting, row formatting and PowerApps we get the ultimate Approval workflow! After explaining the impressive flow, Rik showed some quick tips to prevent Flows from running if it is executed by a Non-flow HTTP request.

SPFx webparts – Maarten van den Dungen

After the break, Maarten showed us some very cool examples of SPFx webparts that he built, including an automatic “table of contents” for wiki pages, a very nice looking RSS feed webpart (Including options to show/hide images, description etc.) and more!

The great thing about this is that the SPFx webparts that were shown, will be publicly available for everyone to download on Github, so stay tuned for that!

From zero to Azure hero – Jussi Roine

Last, but definitely not least, we had Jussi present on how to turn from a zero to Azure hero in just 20 minutes. With a great sense of humor, he discussed that by focusing on the core services of Azure, you are guaranteed a job for the next 5 years! Start out with Azure Active Directory, as this is the core for every service in Azure in one way or another.

Quiz & Drinks

Traditionally, the evening ended with a Kahoot quiz where all presenters submitted a few questions to see who paid attention and to win a swag bag filled with goodies from conferences around the world!

After the quiz there is some time to have a drink and connect with everyone who attended. This is the perfect way to meet new people or connect with old friends! Hopefully the next Sharing & Sushi will be as fun as this one!

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