Document previews using Cloud Hybrid Search

Summary: This blog post describes how to get document previews for SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premises results after configuring Cloud Hybrid Search.

After setting up Cloud Hybrid Search, you might find that document previews are working for your SharePoint Online content, but not for your on-premises content.

Microsoft uses Office Online Server (OOS) in Office 365 to enable document previews for your SharePoint Online files.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to leverage OOS from Office 365 for your on-premises content.
This is why deploying Office Web Apps or Office Online Server is required in order to get document previews for your on-premises content.

Choosing between Office Web Apps and Office Online Server
When choosing the right product for your organization, keep in mind that Office Web Apps is not supported for SharePoint 2016.

  Office Web Apps Office Online Server
SharePoint 2013                     
SharePoint 2016                     

This article describes the configuration of Office Online Server for SharePoint 2016. The configuration for SharePoint 2013 is exactly the same:

After configuring Office Online server for your on-premises SharePoint farm, you will notice that document previews start working!


– If you have multiple on-premises SharePoint farms, you can connect all these SharePoint farms to a single Office Online Server farm.
– Make sure to make the Office Online Server farm accessible from outside the organization network if required.
– Please use HTTPS for Office Online Server.

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