Office 365 Mail pushing Microsoft Teams

Office 365 Mail has an option that allows you to chat with your contacts using Skype for Business without leaving the browser. This feature was announced in June 2015:

Office 365 Mail Banner

However, Microsoft changed the way this works for some tenants.
Clicking the Skype for Business icon now, results in the following:

Microsoft Teams integration

It pushes me to Start using Teams. Clicking “Start using Teams” opens a new tab that navigates me to This redirects me to Without opening the “Chats” tab.

This change affects all users, even users that are not in first-release mode. Even when Teams licenses are not activated for the user, it still pushes for Microsoft Teams, which results in an error.

I couldn’t find any announcement by Microsoft that this change was about to happen, so we had no way to test this new “feature” and communicate this with our employees. It would be great to have a way to disable this feature, to allow people to use the in-line chat when Microsoft Teams is not enabled in their tenant.

Update: After refreshing my page, it goes back to the old user interface, opening the in-line Skype for Business chat functionality. It seems this was a temporary bug/feature.

But still, the text was pretty clear: “Skype for Business is now Microsoft Teams!“.
We’ll see what happens in the future.

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