Recover a single e-mail using Search-Mailbox in Exchange 2010

Summary: This post describes how to recover a single e-mail using Search-Mailbox in Exchange 2010.

*Note* This article applies to Exchange Server 2010 SP1.

Recently I was asked to recover a single e-mail, because he deleted it by accident. In Exchange 2007 I would use the Export-Mailbox cmdlet.
In Exchange 2010 SP1 a new cmdlet has been introduced: Search-Mailbox. For general information regarding this cmdlet, check the following
TechNet article.

I went through the following steps to perform the recovery of the single e-mail:

  • Assign permissions to perform the search;
  • Use the Search-Mailbox cmdlet to export the specific e-mail;
  • Use the Search-Mailbox cmdlet to recover the e-mail.

Scenario removes an e-mail by accident and sends the following e-mail to

Hi Admin,

I deleted an e-mail by accident. This is what I know:
Received from:
Subject: Important e-mail #3

Could you please restore this e-mail to my mailbox?

Assigning permissions to my “admin account”

By default, no user can use the Search-Mailbox cmdlet in the EMS. To be able to do this, you will need the “Discovery Management” management role group.

If you would try to execute a Search-Mailbox command without the needed permissions, the EMS will not recognize the cmdlet.
To add your account to this group, you can use the following line:

Add-RoleGroupMember “Discovery Management” –Member myadmin

Using Search-Mailbox to export the e-mail(s)

Now you are ready to export the e-mails you need to recover. Using the Search-Mailbox cmdlet with a specific Searchquery, you can filter the e-mails for the mailbox you provided.

Search-Mailbox -identity “” -TargetMailbox “DiscoveryMailbox” -TargetFolder “regularuser” -SearchQuery ‘Subject: “Important e-mail #3” AND from:””’

This command will export all e-mails with subject: “Important e-mail #3” received from e-mail address: “”. Of course, you could refine the search query even more. Check the following Technet article for possible SearchQuery syntax.

Using Search-Mailbox to recover the e-mail

The “DiscoveryMailbox” now contains a folder “regularuser” with all e-mails filtered by the Search-Mailbox command.We are going to perform a similar action for the DiscoveryMailbox to recover the e-mail to the right user.

Search-Mailbox -identity “DiscoveryMailbox” -TargetMailbox -TargetFolder “Recovered emails” -SearchQuery ‘Subject: “Important e-mail #3” AND from:””’

When running this command, the e-mails will be sent back to This user can then move the e-mail to the appropriate mail folder.


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